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Books about Cockermouth

The Tourist Information Centre, local bookshops and many of the art and craft shops stock a variety of books and booklets on Cockermouth and the Lake District. Some of these are listed below. [Some may have gone out of print].

Cockermouth Official Guide

J. Bernard Bradbury, late local historian, has published the following:
Map of Cockermouth
Walks Round the town
Walks from Cockermouth
Cockermouth in Pictures - a fascinating series of booklets with drawings and history on the following subjects:

  1. Industry part 1
  2. Industry part 2
  3. The Castle
  4. Wordsworth House
  5. Rail, Road and River
  6. Houses
  7. Churches and Schools
  8. Maps and Plans
  9. Public Buildings
  10. Inns and Taverns
  11. Yards and Courts

Watermills of Cockermouth - guide

Fascinating details of the water powered mills that once powered the town. Booklet copyright and supported by the Town Council & Wardell Armstrong Archaeology Ltd . Download.

Several of these titles have been revised and are now published by Cockermouth Civic Trust.

Bradbury's History of Cockermouth
Cockermouth & District in Old Photographs

H.E. Winter, local historian, has published
Cockermouth - a history and Guide
Various other booklets on the history of West Cumbria

Mick Jane has produced these booklets:

  • "MEMORIES" 1904-1948 - (The early life Jonah Todhunter who was a scholar at All Saints School.) Jonah died January 2002.

  • William Lancaster Alexander 1820-1910 - "ONE MANS LIFE IN THE VALE OF LORTON."

  • The unveiling of the late "LORD MAYO'S STATUE" 1875, - Member of Parliament for Cockermouth, and Viceroy and Governor General of India.

  • "COCKERMOUTH PEOPLE" - Their lives and where they worked. (West Cumberland Times) - 4 BOOKS
    Part 1 (1834-1911)
    Part 2 (1911-1918)
    Part 3 (1919-1971)
    Part 4 (1886-1978 various dates)

  • Cockermouth's "CARNEGIE, FREE LIBRARY" - Celebrating 100 years in 2004

  • Cockermouth's "EVACUEES" 1939-1945

  • The History of "ALL SAINTS' NATIONAL SCHOOL" 1869-1972

  • "The STANGER SPA WALK" A walk near Cockermouth.

  • The History of "St. JOSEPH'S R.C. SCHOOL" 1877-1984

  • The History of "LORTON SCHOOL" - In the Victorian times 1872-1914

  • The History of "FAIRFIELD SCHOOL" 1925-1949

  • The 1851 CENSUS for COCKERMOUTH on CD

A booklet on the former Moota POW camp has been produced by the Kirkgate Museum Group. 'The Harris Thread', 'Monumental MPs of Cockermouth', and 'The History of Christ Church', have been written by Aline Elliott (Kirkgate Centre Museum Group member).