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Cockermouth and twin Marvejols

 Cockermouth has enjoyed a long and successful twinning with the town of Marvejols in southern France. It shares many similarities with Cockermouth in that it adjoins a region of dramatic scenic beauty with Mt. Lozere and the deep rocky gorges of the rivers Tarn and Jont. Schools and sporting clubs have enjoyed many exchange visits boosting this 'entente cordiale'.

Among the area's attractions are the medieval town itself, but also the chance to come face to face with the wolves that once roamed free across Europe. The wolves can be found at the Gevaudan Wolf Park.


 Just as Cockermouth had to steel itself for incursions by the Scots in the medieval era, her French twin Marvejols suffered for having backed the wrong side in the Hundred Years War in France. The troops of the misnamed Duke of Joyeuse in the 15th century attacked and three quarters of the population of Marvejols were massacred, the town set on fire and the fortifications razed to the ground.


Marvejols is close to the A75 Paris to Perpignan motorway.
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