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There are many aerial photographs on this website, taken by Simon Ledingham from his gyrocopter, which is based at Carlisle Airport. If you want original copies of any of his photos for publication, or prints, or permission to use the pictures on other websites, then get in touch and I'll pass the message on.

Gyroplanes share the generic category of "Rotorcraft" with helicopters.

Like a helicopter, a gyroplane generates the lift needed to fly by using rotors rather than wings - that is the one and only similarity they have. Unlike a helicopter, the rotors are not actually powered - all they need to keep moving is a flow of air over their surfaces. The lift this creates will become a self-sustaining force which both keeps the aeroplane in the air and keeps the rotors turning. Also unlike a helicopter, a gyroplane has a propeller which is powered by the engine to generate thrust which moves the machine forward. For more information about gyroplanes, see

At June 2006 some 440 pages on this website have aerial photographs by Simon, with some pages - the Pennine Villages, for example, having many photos on. There are also many ground level photos he has taken.

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