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The Tourist Information Centre is now located in the Library Community Hub: Telephone 01900 822634.

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Jennings Beer gets a Shake-up

Shockwaves through the locals as Jennings goes for a marketing change of names for its beers (September 2019). The popular Jennings Bitter has strangely been changed in branding to Night Vision, because Cockermouth was alleged to have been the first town to have electric street lighting. There is even the decision to brand one of the Jennings ales as Atomic Theory.
The rebranding has spared the popular Cumberland Ale from any name change.

Roman Cockermouth

Image gallery from the latest archeological 'dig' at Derventio (Roman Cockermouth)

Video Tour of Cockermouth
cockermouth logo
A short video tour of the town and its setting.

Cockermouth Video from 1960s

Pay on Departure comes to Wilkos

From August 24 2018 car parking at Wilkos is changing. See details here. You park up and only pay when you leave. On return to the car park visit the paystation (Run by Horizon Parking) enter your vehicle registration into the touch screen..It will inform you how much to pay....then pay either by coins, bank card or by phone. Tariff is as before and so far Sunday parking remains free (But stay alert this may change).

Plutonium may go into Lake District Nuke Dump

In a response to former County Council leader Eddie Martin, the body planning a nuclear dump admit the plans would include placing plutonium underground. The Lake District is likely to be chosen for the controversial dump. Read about the dump project here and see former Councillor Martin's guidance here.

One person soon to decide the fate of Cockermouth?

The town has so far been spared an out of town centre B&M Mega store. Allerdale councillors over ruled their own planning officers and voted 7-4 to refuse permission for a B&M superstore in Low Road.
But the application has now gone before one government inspector for a final ruling.
The hearing took place at the Wave, Maryport on September 24th 2019.

Details of the appeal here on Allerdale website.

At the planning meeting into the B&M plans Councillor Nicky Cockburn successfully called for refusal on the grounds that the site was no 3 in the top ten of potential employment or office development sites in Allerdale and should be pro-actively promoted for full time employment options.B&M voting graph

For some reason the planning officers had recommended ignoring the council's own policy local plan documents: namely that the land is not zoned for retail; the land is in high risk flood risk Zone 2; the threat to the Heritage of the Fitz and that the council should protect the future of town centre shops.
The Town Council, Civic Trust and Chamber of Trade and Allerdale ward councillor Joan Ellis opposed the plans.

Ugly Boulders, 'Artwork'
dumped at Cockermouth
Beauty Spot

boulders artwork

Strange to see boulders described as 'Art' as they are deposited at the popular confluence of Derwent and Cocker. A snip at just £37,000 from a Heritage Lottery grant More.....

Rotary Club celebrates 80 years in the town

It was in 1939 that the Rotary Club of Cockermouth started giving 'service above self'.

Labour's Sue Hayman Romps home in the June 2017 Snap Election

The Labour candidate won with 21,317 votes against Conservative Clark Vasey, with 17,392 votes, Ukip's George Kemp, with 1,556 votes, Lib Dem Phill Roberts, with 1,113 votes and Independent Roy Ivinson, with 278 votes.

Heritage Day Bellringing at All Saints

Divided Community over Brexit

Cockermouth residents voted overall in favour of Brexit and departure from the EU. The votes were 50-50 between Remain and Leave in all wards except Highfield, where the voters were around 75% for Brexit. London and Scotland voted to Remain in the EU. The British pound fell 11% against the US dollar after the UK vote. In early 2017 the pound was on average 18% down in worldwide value.

Our MP
Sue Hayman
Labour MP: Sue Hayman from Ullock.

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The Cockermouth Flood Action Group's website

& See online 'Live' River levels at South Street bridge.